Travel to Enjoy

    When travelling, you don't always have to think or go shopping in order to enjoy your trip. Because if you do, then maybe you won't have a chance to travel at all. Some of my friends think that I have a lot of money because I travel often. But no, I don't travel to shop. Some of my reasons for going to new places are these;

    1. Learn other cultures.

       I always want to know and see how people behave in other parts of the world.  That way, I would understand others better. And this opens my mind too how I treat and approach others.  Then I become a btter person.

    2. Appreciate God's creation. 

       Travelling to another place gives you a chance to see God's beautiful creation.  Places you haven't seen in your own country.  Your eyes become richer as you learn to appreciate lovely scenes and fantastic scenery in different parts of the earth.  And you can't help but appreciate God's handiwork.

     3.  Enjoy life.

          Thank God you are still alive.  Enjoy life as you want Him to.  He didn't send you to this world    to be sad.  I don't think that was or is God's purpose when He created us all. I believe He really wants us to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. I'm preety sure this was His purpose because Our God is a loving and caring God.  So I travel really simply to enjoy life.

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