Thinking of Hopping In to Hongkong?

Hongkong Trip

Hongkong Trip



     Hongkong is a lovely place for tourists' destinations. About more than 420 square miles, it is situated between mainland China and the South China Sea. It is composed of more than 200 islands, with terrains that vary from steep mountains to flat lowlands. It is a mountainous area so that most scrapers are perched on top of the mountains.  The roads are very narrow and some steep. These are the thoroughfares that public transportation go through. I enjoyed riding the tram--a narrow train that runs  a bit more slowly than ordinary trains we know. For convenience, passengers use a card to pay their fare instead of the heavy coins or paper bills which can be bulky too.

       Foods are expensive in Hongkong but if you are well off, it's not actually a problem. Fare too is a lot higher than other places in Asia I have been too.

   Accommodation is another blue. Due to limitted spaces maybe because Hongkong is so mountainous for most of its areas, that's why hotel accommodations are even hgher. But, if you have a couple of friends living or working in Hongkong, you can probably ask them for a night or two to hop in. That is if that idea suits you.

      As for the climate, it was cold during my visit last April 27, 2011.  The wheather was just perfect for vacationing, dining in, night life, etc. However, Hong Kong at times, is also subject to typhoons and has yearly monsoons like other countries. It has rainy, hot weather beginning in spring and lasting through the summer. The winters are humid, mild and cool at times.

      About their religion, around Ten percent of Hong Kong's population is Christian.  The remaining 90 percent practice Buddhism, Taoism and other local religions.It's official language is cantonese lthough others speak some English to.


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