Thinking of visiting a new place

Today I am contemplating on travelling to another place. Probably this summer on my vacationdays. I always want to go to a place I've never been before.  I want to learn, study, and observe what people are doing in other places so far from my own...

Every Place Is Unique

There is always something that makes a certain place trully its own. Let me cite an example. Transportation- In the Philippines,  a common transportation on the road is the jeepney. I have never seen this jeepney in the ASEAN   countries that I...

My Travel Dream

I dream to tour around the world, if God wills it. I wonder if it will find fulfillment. As of the moment, I have travelled to at least 5 asian countries. I will be going to two more this October.

Travel to Spend?

  Everyday, people travel. Many people travel for many reasons.  "I travel to broaden my education," one university professor quipped. I want to see the beauty of others places, a young woman said. Others travel for business purposes. Some...

Travel to the Hospital

Hi, I was supposed to travel for my vacation two weeks ago or so. But the Good Lord, allowed me to stay so my life could be saved. I landed in the hospital instead. I thank God so much for being so merciful.    

I won't stop

      I won't stop thinking and making a plan to  have my trip this month until I get one. I find travel very intriguing and refreshing.  After a  good trip, though sometimes it's  bit tiresome, I can always reflect on it learn from it, adding...

Travel for Education

     I travel to widen my education.  It's a kind of learning I cannot get from a four-walled classroom.

Travelling is...

     Travelling is reading the world around you without holding a book.  It allows you to get in touch with the world physically. It is seeing a new space in an old world.

Don't Just Wish

    Only Wishing to travel does not make one a traveller.  You have to move.  Get on your feet!  Walk! Ride! Fly! Zoom!  Leave your home. Or you'll never be able to, in your entire life. 

Just Travel

     If you are someone whose work is mostly sedentary, you need to do some movements.  Traveling is one.  It is important that you spend time and effort to do travel. Because when you travel you are giving a break to yourself. You give yourself a...

My Mind Travels

   My mind cannot stop thinking of going to one place this month. I really want to go to that tourist destination-Malapascua Island.  My mind can't really stop travelling to far places each night.

TIP for Travel

1. Travel as light as you can.        If you want to enjoy your travel,  don't take along with you heavy baggage.  They will tire you and even make you sick when you come back home. 2. Inspect your beongings.       Before leaving your home,...

I Can Be Whole Again

    When I travel I keep in mind that I have a share in keeping the environment in shape. I should be aprt of the solution to the many problems of this planet earth including that of global warming.  Although I may not be able to create a huge system...


   Travel whenever you can. It is one kind of education you can't find or get inside the classroom.  Although you need to spend some amount but I know the return is worth it. 

Travel to Enjoy

    When travelling, you don't always have to think or go shopping in order to enjoy your trip. Because if you do, then maybe you won't have a chance to travel at all. Some of my friends think that I have a lot of money because I travel often. But no,...

Exotic Recipes

     If you are looking for a place to go where you can find excotic food to taste and tickle your tongue,  You should go to Thailand.  They have interesting and weird food recipes you could have imagined.